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Special battery

BZ351063 150mah 3.7V narrow battery

Type: lipo battery

  • BZ351063 150mah 3.7V narrow battery
    No. Item General Parameter Remark
    1 Rated Capacity Typical 155mAh Standard discharge0.2C C5A) after Standard charge
    Minimum 150mAh
    2 Nominal Voltage 3.7V Mean Operation Voltage
    3 Voltage at end of 3.0V Discharge Cut-off Voltage
    4 Charging Voltage 4.2±0.03V  
    5 Internal Impedance 250mΩ Internal resistance measured at AC 1KHZ after 50% charge
    The measure must uses the new batteries that within one week after shipment and cycles no more than 5 times
    6 Standard charge Constant Current 0.2C5A Charge time : Approx 6h
    Constant Voltage 4.2V
    0.01 C5A cut-off
    7 Standard discharge Constant current 0.2 C5A  
    end voltage 3.0V
    8 Fast charge Constant Current 0.5C5A Charge time : Approx 2.5h
    Constant Voltage 4.2V
    0.01 C5A cut-off
    9 Fast discharge Constant current 0.5C5A  
    end voltage 3.0V  
    10 Maximum Continuous Charge Current 1 C5A  
    11 Maximum Continuous Discharge Current 1C5A  
    12 Operation Temperature Range Charge: 0~45 60±25%R.H.
    Bare Cell
    Discharge: -20~60  
    13 Storage Temperature Range Less than 1 year: -20~25 60±25%R.H.
    less than 3 months: -20~40℃ at the shipment state
    14 Pack  Dimension High: max65mm                                                 Width: max10mm
    Thickness: max3.5mm
    Initial  Dimension

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